Day one

Day one went well. I could probably leave the house a bit later and not stand at the bus stop in the cold for quite so long but, other than that, getting the bus to work was a genuinely enjoyable experience.

I listened to some Radiohead (and pondered the fact that, when I was in Germany when I was 14, I listened to Radiohead – The Bends, to be precise – every day on the bus to school…twelve years later and I still fall back on them for great public transport soundtracks). I read Nigel Taylor’s lecture notes on Urban Planning & Social Justice. And it only took ten minutes longer to get to work than it usually does in my car. All in all, I think that’s pretty acceptable.

On the way home, I saw loads of people I know but don’t bump into very often at the County Hall bus stop. Had a nice chat with them all whilst we waited. Stayed on the bus until the Tesco stop and picked up all of our shopping so that we didn’t have to go out again that evening. And I was still home by 5.45pm.

However, the best thing was being able to leave the office, saying “sorry, must dash or I’ll miss the last bus home” – perfect excuse not to stay late!

Also, I hated this song when I first heard it in January and ever since, I seem to be unable to avoid it. Anyway, their persistence has paid off because I really quite like it now.

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