Spurred on by Rob’s new bike commute and the fact that the Council are laying on free bus travel on the 32A for the next month, I’ve decided to travel to work by bus tomorrow. I’ve left my laptop in the office and have timed my route to the bus stop (four minutes brisk walking to Farne Avenue or six minutes brisk walking to Tesco) and am kind of looking forward to getting my heart rate up (admittedly only a bit) and maybe doing something a bit more productive whilst I’m sitting in that traffic. I might take my iPod and a book or perhaps the reading for my next Theory & Philosophy lecture this week. The possibilities, frankly, aren’t endless but they’re better than if I was driving!

I’m a little worried by the fact that there are only two buses back in the evening but am looking on the bright side – at least I’ll be forced to leave the office before 6pm


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