Learning to say no

I feel like I’ve finally started to get a little more assertive this week. Today, in particular. In a handover meeting before my boss went on leave today, I finally said no to some extra work, telling them that extra tasks would seriously compromise my own project timetables. Not only did they give the tasks to someone else, they also sorted out a couple of solutions to my own slippages, taking the pressure off considerably.

Onwards and upwards…

Still no news from Gloucester. I’m taking that as a bad sign. But I did find my favourite pair of gloves on the back seat of my car, under a map, which cheered me up no end because I thought they’d gone forever J


4 thoughts on “Learning to say no

  1. no news is definitely good news where Gloucester is concerned! (obviously i have no idea what you mean and am just trying to be funny, i hope its not inappropriate :))

  2. lol, not inappropriate at all! I’m crazy enough to have applied for a job in the lovely city of Gloucester and am waiting to hear from them…fingers crossed!

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