Guilty TV secrets

In response to Simon’s recent guilty TV pleasure post, I though I’d better own up too…I am completely in love with Gordon Ramsey’s American Kitchen Nightmares (I could write every single episode, it’s so formulaic, but in America they get loads more shouting and swearing and insults…the drama!) and The Hills. Seriously, you must watch it simply for the episode in which one of the girls (they all look the same) fell out with her boyfriend because he had the AUDACITY to chat to some of his friends that had come out for his birthday dinner. It was all the more incredible for her repeated protestations of “I don’t want to argue with you on your birthday, baby!” Genius. And I know that both programmes are created for entertainment purposes but I really am the ad man’s dream and get sucked into the whole thing. I’ll believe anything I’m told.

We just don’t do it like that in England.


4 thoughts on “Guilty TV secrets

  1. Rob – I’m one of the privileged few with my own desk. Although I’m sort of jealous that that means I don’t get one of the wheely trolleys…

    Omar – I really can’t bring myself to watch Lily.

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