On the whole, I’ve had quite a nice week this week. I bunked Personal & Professional Development at uni on Wednesday and got home nice and early whilst it was still sunny. I had a drink or two with Simon on Thursday and we talked about our usual high brow things (of course). I met Cat S. for lunch on Friday and we did a bit of shopping because we both had the afternoon off. I nearly bought a brown tweed jacket with a HUGE belt reduced from £80 but didn’t because I’m supposed to be broke. And then last night, I went to Omar’s, drank a nice Cab Sauv and watched the first three episodes of jPod, which is great. I can see why Coupland was pleased with it.

There have been some pretty crap bits too. But maybe because of the glorious weather or because of the nice time spent with friends, I’m feeling really contented today.


9 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Not so far but still…
    Awesome – I just reminded myself what the hell we’re doing at the Guildhall as I was a bit fuzzy last night. Looks ace. Are we getting tickets or on the door??
    Nice email, thanks 🙂

  2. Well at least you’re happy not doing it.
    Get tickets I reckon, then we can drink cheaply in the a Wetherspoons first before rocking up?
    (It’s not the song from the Macbook Air ad. Oh no.)

  3. Yup.
    Sounds good to me. Count Chris and me in. Are you booking tickets? If so, can you do a better job than you did with the Young Knives tickets, you little fucker? 🙂
    (I wondered how I knew it… obviously not from the Macbook Air ad though.)

  4. Cool, I just considered making a Facebook group but then my senses rather sensibly slapped me around the face. Phew.
    In my defence, my heart wasn’t in the Young Knives sorry. How’s the tickets for Laura M going then? (I just can’t help it.)
    I wrote on Miss M’s wall in the end.

  5. Ha ha! It crossed my mind…
    Well, we saw them last year so I’m not too upset. You actually want the Laura M tickets? Cos I’ll sort it out now…
    So I see. It was quite a polite insult, I thought.

  6. Omar – Yes, you do.

    Simon – I couldn’t possibly say! I don’t have it on DVD but I may know someone who does…

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