One month in…

In true Local Area Agreement self-assessment style (do you ever feel like your work life is over spilling into your personal life?), I’ve been looking back over my New Year’s Resolutions to see how I’ve been doing. The picture’s not looking great, to be honest. I am a little off target…

1. Become more assertive – well, that takes time doesn’t it? I mean, it’s a complete change of character so you can’t be expected to rush it, can you?

2. Finish my dissertation by November – I’ve started it. So it’s looking more positive than some of the other resolutions, at least.

3. Don’t get caught up in wedding stuff – I don’t want to talk about my wedding on here. I think it’s a bit too personal. Needless to say it’s stressful. But they’re supposed to be, right?

4. Actually pay for albums – none of the ones I named have come out yet. But so far this year, I’ve got the Lupe Fiasco, Duke Spirit and Hot Chip albums. And, no, I didn’t pay for any of them. Although technically I haven’t broken the resolution because I do intend to pay for the ones I named. And I am paying to go and see Hot Chip live, so… God, why am I defending myself to you lot?

5. Get a new job – I should be filling out two job applications right now. Nothing like leaving things til the last minute…

6. Go on holiday – yeah, I don’t have the time or money for a holiday.

7. Read at least 3 of the unread books on my shelf – I’ve read one, so I’m exceeding the target. Woo!

8. Practice self-hypnosis at least once a week – I haven’t done it since the middle of December. It’s hard to justify lying down with your eyes closed and breathing deeply for twenty minutes when you have coursework to do.

9. Listen to the radio more – I do it every day now and I absolutely love it. I can highly recommend falling asleep on Sunday nights to Guy Garvey on 6music (thank you for the tip, Omar).

10. Listen to every single song in my iTunes library – I’m down to 840 songs unlistened. I think that’s progress.

12 thoughts on “One month in…

  1. I think that comes across as a little harsh (moi?!), the second line that is. What I mean, as I’m sure you’re aware, is that you just need to start small and work from there. If you don’t want to rush it then that’s fine but the more you practice the easier it WILL get. Trust.

  2. As I wrote this entry, I was imagining you writing an “excuses, excuses” type reply so, no, it’s not harsh. No harsher than your usual comments anyway 😛

  3. I still think it’s wholly true though and I can only speak about from my own experience of course. It’s just it’s in such a similar vein. You just need to be active in doing something about it and it’ll get easier and easier and easier. It is for me.
    Well there’s usual and there’s, well even I know the difference.

    (Am I that predictable)

  4. I’ve been playing with playdough in counselling this week as a technique for exploring things deeper, stuff you may not be able to put into words. Maybe you should play with playdough and think about your assertiveness, what the barriers are, the energy in you when you think of it and your reaction to your lack of assertivenss when it is embodied in the playdough. Sounds wierd. Is very good though.

  5. Well you don’t seem to be doing too badly! (any chance of a copy of the new Lupe Fiasco album?! I thought the Hot Chip was poor) This years New Year’s resolution was the same as last years (which I stuck to) and that was to avoid any new bands who’s name starts with “The” – it’s lazy, lacks imagination and unoriginal.

  6. Ally – I’d make a big smiley face. That’s my problem. I simply don’t like upsetting people. Believe it or not, I don’t really like conflict…I’m guessing it’s something to do with the household I grew up in but we’re going a little far with that one already, I think…

    Simon – of course – will bring a copy to the pub tomorrow night? I like the second half of the new Hot Chip but it’s not a patch on The Warning. The Duke Spirit album is ace, but you’d have missed that one on the grounds that they call themselves “The Duke Spirit”!

  7. I was really looking forward to your dazzling company and scintillating conversation but the Lupe Fiasco album is the icing on already wonderful cake!

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