Two things that I have enjoyed this evening

Yannis from Foals. Oh, heโ€™s lovely.

Never Better. If I had a cat, I would call it Chairman Miaow too.

15 thoughts on “Two things that I have enjoyed this evening

  1. Never better is pretty funny, although, I’m guessing that means you weren’t watching ER! I banished Anne upstairs, won’t ahve that rubbish on a decent TV ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Omar – he does look a bit like Sylar. Maybe I have a type…

    Rob – I record ER and watch it on Fridays. Clashes with Question Time, I’m afraid ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. and i thought someone else had seen the light! I don’t know why, but i hate hospital dramas, probably something to do with all the death.

  4. Yikes, two lines and I get six comments…

    Omar – Or Oxford dropouts with the ability to slice open heads.

    Simon – Mmmmmmmmm. Yes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rob – ER is not just any hospital drama. Anne will confirm this for you.

  5. Well you never saw me with my goatee I had a couple of months ago. I didn’t really want it but Ceri said it had something to do with pheronomes or summat. Anyway – one sniff and there was no stopping her (I, of course, had to ensure that last night’s pizza wasn’t lost somewhere in it!).

  6. The problem for me was that I had a grey streak in my beard that made me look like Pepรฉ Le Pew (although, I will quickly add, I smelt lovely!)

  7. I would love to make a comment on the things you enjoyed that day, but i have no idea what or who either of them are, so I won’t.

  8. Ally, Ally, Ally…

    Yannis is the lead singer of Foals. Who are great.

    Never Better is a very funny sitcom on BBC 2 on Thursday nights, which makes me laugh out loud.

  9. Foals? Who? Recently I’ve been listening to Steam by the mighty East 17! Fantastic album…. brings back memories of Mrs Owens German lessons year 10 for some reason….

  10. Sorry for butting in but in regards to East 17 I worked in Our Price when House of Love was riding high in the charts (that shows my age!) and a kid came in asking for it. I went to look for anything by the excellent indie band The House of Love, couldn’t find anything and he had to go away disappointed!

    Ignorance IS bliss!

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