Emergency Room

I bloody love ER. I really do. I look forward to it throughout autumn and winter and it really is, in my opinion, the best thing about January. I just love the fact that they create characters that I give a shit about. And, yes, it’s a bit schmaltzy and moral and, well, American. But then I laugh out loud several times in every episode and within the same scene I can be moved to tears.

My favourite thing about it is the way it draws its anti-heroes. They do the mean guys so well – Dr. Romano (I saw the episode where he lost his arm again the other day and, even though I knew it was coming, it still made me catch my breath), Dr. Weaver (I’m a relatively new viewer) and, now, Dr. Moretti is just great. Essentially, it’s the same character – a senior doctor (I don’t get the American intern / resident / attending stuff but I don’t think that matters) with some kind of insecurity, disability or general lack of social skills, over-compensating by being mean to the rest of the staff and only letting the mask slip occasionally, during a heart-to-heart over the body of a dying child, when you realise that they mean well. Oh, it’s clichéd but it’s believable…

I’m so excited about the new series J

(Also, not only did I watch several injections without flinching or looking away during tonight’s episode but I also watched an epidural. PROOF, if ever you need it, that hypnotherapy works people!)


10 thoughts on “Emergency Room

  1. I was thinking about Scrubs whilst I wrote this and trying to decide which I like better… I still love ER more. On the grounds that I’d happily miss an episode of Scrubs but I’m inconsolable if my DVD recorder screws up and I miss ER.

    I hate to say it but ER’s Morris is a far funnier character than JD could ever hope to be. And Hope is even kookier than Elliot. No, really.

  2. Scrubs was good to start with, I just don’t feel like it’s gone anywhere.

    (I like watching Grey’s Anatomy in any case – it’s the one show that really gets to me.)

    (I am continually impressed by your decision to not download tv shows.)

  3. Sure I’m right. When the first ep of the new ER season finished, I really wanted to watch the next ep straight away. But waiting is good. It’s not over so soon 🙂

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