Today’s songs

This is becoming something of a music blog. What I’m listening to, what I like, etc. But that’s ok, I think. That’s what I feel like I want to write about.

Today’s songs are:

Blueberry Pancakes by Fink

Sitting at the table where it all began for us…
And everything else is momentary and
Everything else just stops
Everyone else is secondary
Everyone else is temporary
and I read into the letter that is filled with beauty
the beauty of what was, what is, and what won’t be

and Videotape by Radiohead. It’s not my favourite on the new album but the driving, reversed percussion just gets under my skin. You don’t notice it at first and then about two minutes into the song, you realise it’s there (except that now I’m waiting for it to start). And then more layers come. It’s almost hypnotic.


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