Happy New Year

I can’t let New Year’s Day go by with out a resolutions post, can I?

10 Things I Will Do This Year:

1. Become more assertive, if only to stop Serena shouting at me in the car for being such a push over. But also because I know I need to.

2. Finish my dissertation by November, so that I can get married in 2009 without worrying about literature reviews and data analysis whilst I’m saying my vows.

3. Whilst we’re on the subject, try not to get sucked into all the big, expensive wedding stuff and plan a wedding that I’m happy with.

4. Actually buy (i.e. pay for) new albums by We Are Scientists, Foals, Laura Marling, Tokyo Police Club, Late of the Pier and The Young Knives. Because I’m looking forward to them all so why should I get them for free?

5. Get a new job.

6. Go on holiday.

7. Read at least three of the 42 books that have been sitting – unread – on my bookshelf for ages.

8. Practice self-hypnosis at least once a week – it cost me a shed-load to learn how so I probably should. And it will, no doubt, contribute to the achievement of Resolution Number 1.

9. Listen to the radio more (which should be easy now I have this – woo!).

10. Listen to every single song in my iTunes library at least once (without cheating and just skipping to the end to fiddle the play count). True fact – I’ve never listened to almost a third of the tracks in my library either in iTunes or on my iPod.

I was thinking about adding things like do more exercise, drink less gin, go to bed earlier, stop biting my nails (for, like, the 18th year in a row now), procrastinate less, get into work before 9am, etc. But I know I’ll never do any of them so what’s the point?

Anyway, I’ll finish with a New Year message that I received from a friend. I think maybe it gets to the nub of what I really should do in 2008:

coolness is having courage
courage to do what’s right
try to remember always
just to have a good time


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