Another film review


Robots = AWESOME

Film = BAD

3 thoughts on “Another film review

  1. Gotta disagree. I go to a film night round my mates every week and it’s the usual Hollywood dross from Blockbuster and I was expecting this to be in the same vein as all the other crap I’ve watched there. But I was blown away by this film because I saw little nods to the cineaste, kind of saying; look we know we have to have this romantic element, we know the premise has to be set up this way because this is what is demanded of a Hollywood blockbuster. I also like the news segments; where a woman is hysterical about seeing aliens and there’s a slacker/emo dude in the background saying “awesome!” and the boy who’s scooter is crushed pleading,”who’s going to pay for my scooter?!”. Also the CGI was AMAZING! No joins! Having watched this with friends who’d seen it at the cinema some bits have been cut from the DVD release.

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