Ian Sansom always lists acknowledgements at the end of his novels and they go on for some pages and, actually, they’re one of my favourite things about his books. I realise that doesn’t say a lot about his writing but he’s good, really, I promise.

Anyway, in that spirit, I would like to thank the following people for the good bits of 2007:

Adam Dyer, Adele Adkins, Alain de Botton, Alexander Gordon, Ally Wickstead, Anna Pickard, Annie Mac, Belle de Jour, Beth Ditto, Billie Piper, Carl Linsdell, Dakota Blue Richards, Danny Dyer, David Dimbleby, David Miliband MP, Douglas Coupland, Douglas Murray, Emily Haines, Jacqui Mckeown, James Mckeown, James Sutton, JK Rowling, Joey Corneau, Jon Stewart, Julie Myerson, Kate Nash, Keith Murray, Kele Okereke, Kevin Bishop, Laura Hopkins, Mark Zuckerberg, Martin Bacon, Milo Ventimiglia, Natasha Khan, Omar Chotoye, Paul Smith, Pauline Dumville, Peter MacNicol, Randall Munroe, Randy Jackson, Rob Green, Scott Grimes, Serena Carmichael, Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode, Steve Jobs, Steven Lowculture, The Future Mr. Springer, The Gin Lovelies, The PERU Lovelies, The Trophy Twins, Tim Smit, Vince Nadin, Keith Burkill, Wendy Burkill, Zane Lowe

(Ian Sansom includes the following rules, which apply here also: “some of them are dead; most of them are strangers; the famous are not friends; none of them bears any responsibility”) – also, I have no idea where the full stop goes there. Any help Omar or Rob?!

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