Things boys do

Quite some time ago, Omar pondered on things girls do that make them more fanciable. In the interests of equality, I’m going to do the same. But for boys, obviously. Feel free to make additions (although I’m fairly sure most of the people that read my blog are boys – still, feel free boys).

Things that make boys more fanciable:
Wear knitwear – skinny cardigans in particular – and thick rimmed glasses (think urban designer – mmmm).
Bite their nails.
Be geeky – it doesn’t matter what they’re geeky about: maths, film, planes, the internet, music. It’s the obsession and passion that counts.
Not put *too* much gunk in their hair – I like it fluffy.
There are probably more things.

Of course, all of my dear fiancé’s lovely qualities are also eminently fanciable…

3 thoughts on “Things boys do

  1. I can’t believe I forgot the most important thing…
    Write me proper sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation, in emails and texts. If they handwrite me a letter and post it, well that’s even better.

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