Kate Nash, Anson Rooms, Bristol

So, last night’s Kate Nash gig had something of the sixth form concert about it. Largely because the Anson Rooms looks not unlike a school hall but also because Kate handed out a fanzine at the end of the evening. How great is that? It got me thinking about all those fanzines I used to get when I was a teenager – writing off with a stamped addressed envelope and waiting eagerly for it to be returned in the post. And blogging is the next logical step, I suppose, but when I think about it, it’s just not as satisfying. Even the simplest blog doesn’t have that newspaper print amateurism of a fanzine, the fervent enthusiasm of a teenage music fan.

Kate Nash also has a tendency to act like a petulant stage school pupil (Rob pointed out that she seemed to just play her songs at whatever speed she felt like and her band had to just go with it). But I like that about her, it’s a very appealing quality if you can carry it off. It also helps that she’s got a fantastic voice and some great songs.

Anyway, it was lovely J

As is this. Educational AND charitable. How smug can a person feel all at once?


6 thoughts on “Kate Nash, Anson Rooms, Bristol

  1. I could have coped without the drunken guy offerning to father her children right in the middle of a quiet bit, but you couldn’t complain otherwise. Also – I meant to say, the best thing about seeing someone when they only have one album – you’re gauranteed to know *every* song in the set 🙂

    (150 grains too)

  2. Nice work! I’m up to vocabulary level 38. Apparently it’s very rare for people to get past level 48… that’s a challenge if ever I heard one 🙂

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