Reasons for me to be cheerful and motivated:

1. A whole day in the office today with NO MEETINGS! Same again tomorrow – hurrah!
2. Finding some very relevant academic journal articles for both my travel plans project and my dissertation
3. Getting my work inbox down to fewer than 600 emails (albeit by making sub-folders but no matter)
4. My comprehensive ‘to do’ list drawn from the various scraps of paper, emails and post it notes littering my desk
5. Managing to organise a date for a whole day consultation event that everyone can attend (almost unheard of in local government)
6. A lingering feeling of well-being from a lovely evening with Kat and Nic, laughing at Sean Lock and drinking gin
7. The fact that it is Friday tomorrow and therefore the weekend the next day

Things that could quite easily threaten my general sense of well-being:
1. My mounting pile of ironing
2. My bank balance and imminent university fees payment
3. A “challenging” project timetable which leaves me two weeks to finish a whole draft Community Strategy
4. The possibility of someone phoning and telling me they can’t make the whole day consultation event after all
5. The likelihood that I will waste most of Saturday and Sunday instead of doing anything productive 

So that’s two more good things than bad, which is nice. Plus, how can you not be cheerful when this song is in your life? 

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